​How to Fix a Glass Door Pane

How to Fix a Glass Door Pane

In households with several children and especially those that love to play with objects such as balls, a broken glass door pane is one of the major problems that the homeowners have to deal with regularly. Having to deal with a broken glass door panel can be very frustrating. However, it is one of the easiest door repair works that anyone can do in their home.

To Fix a Glass Door Pane

For a start, to repair a broken glass door pane there are several tools and materials needed for the job. Some of the most important tools needed for the job include the Painter's tape, Utility knife, Chisel, finishing nails, Replacement glass, Paintable door sealant, Paint and paintbrush, and Protective gloves and goggles. To repair a broken glass door pane follow these steps:

Step 1: Remove the broken glass pane

One must wear protective gloves before they start work. Start by using a knife to cut through the paint and sealant on the frame holding the pane in place. Next, use a chisel to remove the wooden frame holding the pane in place. Make sure to note the position of each piece of the frame for easy reassembly. Now remove the broken glass panel from the door and put it away in a safe place where no one will accidentally step on it.

Step 2: Clean the frame

Once the glass panel has been removed the chisel should be used to remove any remaining broken pieces of glass and the sealant. Clean the frame to make sure no piece of paint or sealant remains from the last glasswork. This is important to ensure that the frame is clean and smooth for the installation of the new glass.

Step 3: Replace the pane with the replacement glass

Now cut the replacement glass to the required size. This should be slightly smaller than the frame size to provide for ample space for expansion and contraction of the frame in hot and cold conditions. Once this is done, the new pane should be fitted in the space. Next, the sealant is applied all around the edges of the glass pane.

Step 4: Refit the removed frame

The next step is to return the pieces of the removed frame in place and secure them in position using the finishing nails. More sealant should be used to seal any spaces in the frame. The frame should then be repainted to ensure that the whole door is the same color.
It is important to wait for a few minutes or hours until the sealant set in before the paint is done. Besides, one may choose to repaint the whole door to ensure uniformity in the color tone and texture.

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